Does it take two people to roll up your canopy sides?



Made in the USA Patented
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Now, with Solo Roller, one person can quickly, neatly and tightly roll up any 10' wide canopy side without any assistance.

Solo roller is constructed of strong, light weight aluminum that telescopes with a twist of the wrist from 5' 6" to the width of any side up to 10' 6".

To use Solo Roller:
  1. Extend and twist lock Solo Roller to the width of you canopy side.
  2. Use the built in clips to attach both bottom corners to Solo Roller.
  3. Grip Solo Roller and the canopy bottom edge in the center and roll all the way up.
  4. Secure the rolled up canopy side with the straps on the canopy top.
  5. Release the clips, put them back inside of the pole ends and remove Solo Roller.

Made by artist for artists

Solo Roller Inc.
PO Box 103
Boyne Falls, MI 49713

$89.00 - Includes shipping
All major credit cards accepted.
Blue Sky Designs

Made in the USA for Artists by Artists

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