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Jewelry and Mixed Media by Vincent Pernicano

I fabricate my jewelry using combinations of Argentium sterling silver, 14K gold, copper, brass, stained glass and fused glass stones in a variety of sizes and designs that include pins, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and sculptures. My technique has evolved over a period of 35 years of working with glass and metals and requires 15 distinct steps from start to finish. Most of my pieces feature dichronic glass stones that I produce by fusing layers of glass in a kiln, shaping the individual stones with saw and grinders and re-fireing in the kiln to polish.

For my Mixed media, I use layers of colored glass that have been cut to shape and fused together with glass frit and fusable glass paints to create three dimensional components. The glass componsnts are then back with wood supports and attached to my canvas covered wood backed panel and frame that have been pre-painted with acrylics and/or oil paints and sealed with five coates of varnish. Dichroic glass stones are sometimes added as accents to finish the piece.


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